One of the joys of seeing pro wrestling live that I forgot to mention in Monday’s post was seeing the masters of misdirection at work without the benefit of cutting camera angles. It’s kind of fun seeing people scramble around to change out the ring mat, or stuff the cloth around Bad News Barrett’s rising platform down into it’s base so it stays all nice and neat. I missed seeing Kane sneak under the ring though (provided he wasn’t under there all day).

Overall it was a pretty awesome show to go to. Seeing Ric Flair, getting Cena to address us with his sad, mopey “why?”‘s, and singing along with Bray Wyatt… My twitter feed told me that people either thought it was awesome or the dumbest thing ever, and I guess I gently fall on the side of “awesome”, though that might just be because I was there. With WWE’s new “Best of Raw: After the Show” Blu-ray coming out I was hoping for some epic ending moment where wrestlers would come out doing spinaroonies and making fun of audience members, but it was only a dark match and Cena making his rounds high fiving the kids and Sign Guy. I guess that’s not too bad.