I think all of my best comics end with people punching each other.

Y’know, I came up with this comic about a week ago, after a script of last week’s Raw was leaked, but by the time I came around to drawing and posting this comic (now) the images of the script have been removed! I was going to link to it, but if you follow any of the dirtsheets there’s a good chance you saw it anyway. It was interesting to look through and see just how much the WWE micromanages everything. There were long lists of faces and heels, time for segments and commercials broken down to the second, and all kinds of checklists for shooting a promo. It’s the kind of micromanaging that I always figured there had to be, but to actually see it laid out there on bright pink paper was a little weird. Here’s a link to the script of a Raw preshow as a consolation: http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/469675-wwe-raw-pre-show-script-leaks-online-production-to-do-list It has a footprint on it.