Shocking news about TNA getting cancelled. Just shocking. Well, technically Dixie and Spike TV officially say that they are still negotiating, but TMZ reported that it’s a done deal, so I don’t know who to believe (that may sound sarcastic, but I really don’t know if a wrestling promotion or TMZ are more likely to tell the truth). Anyway, if it IS true, it’s really unfortunate. I’m not sure if getting kicked off of Spike really is a death knell for TNA because it seems like there are enough other channels available that might be willing to show it. I’m sure it’s a lot harder to find a replacement though without the big names like Hogan and Sting to woo the networks.

I know I don’t say a lot of positive things about TNA here, mostly due to it being a lot easier to draw comics about things I DON’T like, but I’ve enjoyed the promotion a lot more lately since those big names left. I just hope TNA bounces back quick for the sake of the fans and the wrestlers.

p.s. Any resemblance to real or fictional podcasts are purely coincidental.