While I’m fairly neutral on Matt Hardy, I have to say that Jeff is one of my least favorite wrestlers to ever see on tv. I blame all of my years in art school. After you’ve seen one goofy artist trying to reinvent themselves by wearing make up and rambling incoherently, the act gets old quick. TNA’s handling of the Willow character has been especially frustrating though, considering how there’s no real storyline involved, they just treat him like it’s Jeff going through a phase. I was perfectly game to pretend that no one knew that Joseph Park was Abyss. Christopher Daniels being Curry Man? Great, I love it. But Willow is like when you go to a family reunion, notice that your cousin is wearing black fingernail paint and a trenchcoat, and then your aunt pulls you aside to explain that he’s going through some changes.

I guess I said all of that to say that despite everything, I’m super excited to see the Wolves vs. the Hardy Boys whenever it finally airs on tv. It will be awesome.