Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s already January 10th, but I’m not quite ready to leave 2017 behind… until I look back at the five most popular comics from last year! I did this for 2016 too which you can check out here.

5. Triple H’s NXT Kids and Raw’s Title Situation

Those rascally NXT Kids made the top five! Of course it wasn’t without help from Mean Mr. Lesnar and the NXT Kids debut of dirty-faced Bray Wyatt and his paper lantern! I can’t even remember when Seth and Finn were last playing with the Universal Championship so I guess it’s been stuck in Mean Mr. Lesnar’s yard for a while now.

4. Bryan’s Exit Strategy

Ah, the good ol’ days of The Elite still being able to “Too Sweet” each other! I’ve really loved Bryan as the GM on Smackdown as well as all the drama surrounding whether or not he’ll return to the ring, so it’s been a good year for me as a D-Bry fan. As much as I love to criticize the WWE, this storyline between Kevin, Shane, and Bryan (and now Sami) has been one of the best long term storylines they’ve had in a while.

3. Remember the Rumble

Randy Orton, the winner of last year’s Royal Rumble, would fit right in that middle panel, wouldn’t he? It’s hard to believe back then that Kenny Omega was such a sure bet to be in last year. I don’t think there’s any favorite to win this year, at least for the men’s Rumble, so maybe fans won’t be as angry when Roman wins it again (or whatever safe, predictable name is left standing last in the ring).

2. How to turn heel in wwe

Comics about twitter ALWAYS hold up well. I think Goldust had a few heel and face turns in 2017, each one having less impact than the last, so I can’t fault the audience for cheering when he turned on R-Truth. They didn’t even have a big blowoff or anything after his heel turn, just a bunch of promos leading up to nothing.

1. House of Horrors

Ah, the House of Horrors! I think this would have been a better version of the instantly regrettable match, but then again anything would’ve been better than Randy and Bray battling around a dumpy old house filled with dolls. I remember Jinder knocking Finn out with his elbow and Nia dumping Bayley on her head, but whatever I was referencing with JBL slashing tires escapes me. Maybe I was just referencing him being a jerk rather than any specific incident?