I was really sad to read the news a few days ago that Paige’s in ring career with WWE may be over (or is over, depending on who’s reporting it)! It’s hard to believe that a 25 year old could be injured so badly she’d have to completely give up the sport, even if she’s been wrestling since she was twelve.

Paige was such a huge part of the Divas Revolution through her work in NXT as the inaugural Women’s Champion and through the rough transition period as part of team PCB that she’ll undoubtedly be remembered as part of WWE history for years to come. After all of the issues she went through in 2017, from her public problems with Alberto Del Rio, the leaked sex tape, and her injuries, I’m really glad she was able to come back with Absolution so if her in-ring career is over, at least it ended on a positive note.

While she may be done in the ring, I think Paige is fantastic on the mic and could still be a huge asset to WWE as a manager for Absolution or even as a general manager if Kurt and Bryan aren’t still around in a few months. I thought she was great in a love-to-hate kind of way as a judge on Tough Enough, so I think she would succeed in any authority figure role they throw at her.

Since WWE announced that she is only unable to compete at the Rumble and not ever again, it sounds like there’s hope for her future, but we’ll see!