Just as I end every year with a big ol’ batch of predictions for the future, I also have to go back a year and look at my predictions for the year that just past! It’s called accountability, people!

“WWE will keep producing new Network shows and tournaments in a desperate attempt to have more original content.”

This prediction looked like a safe bet at the time- 205 Live had already launched and rumors of a UK and all-women show were in the air- but I’m not sure just how many new shows WWE actually added. If anything, they took shows away like Talking Smack! Sorry past self, but I’ll have to file this as a miss!


“In order to survive the competitive wrestling market, Lucha Underground will have to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in wrestling like never before…”

Man, it took a long time to draw Huitzilopochtli. Lucha Underground definitely did push boundaries with their TV show this year (a chunk of Dante Fox’s flesh was reaved from his body and left on a stretcher during Ultima Lucha Tres!), but it was all filmed back in 2016… I’m guessing I was expecting season 4 to open with the sacrifice, but we still don’t even know when it will come back. There aren’t many brands that I love like Lucha Underground, but these long breaks are killing me! I’ll give myself a point on this one if only because they did keep up the crazy stunts and they are still surviving.


“The WWE will steal away the Hardys, but that won’t stop TNA from doubling down on what has been their most successful gimmick in years.”

I’m half right! WWE definitely grabbed the Hardys, but TNA GFW Anthem wasn’t kind to the Broken Universe, forbidding the Hardys from using it and not doing anything with it themselves. In a perfect world I would have loved to see the Hardys continue their brokeness in WWE while TNA sold DVDs of “The Final Deletion”, but it just wasn’t to be. …Wow, hardly any of the guys I drew in here are still with TNA!

So I’m giving myself a point and a half for 2017. Not great, but still not a total flop either. All I can do is try and learn from this experience when it comes to my 2018 predictions which will be three out of three for sure. Shane’s going to be the new “Mr. McMahon”, I can feel it!