Now that 2016 is officially over and 2017 is kicking off with a fresh start of Roman Reigns and John Cena challenging for WWE’s top championships, I wanted to take a look back at my most popular comics from 2016! These are the comics that really resonated with you, the readers of Botched, and got you share the link with your friends, families, and everyone else. Based strictly off of page views, the most popular comics of 2016 were:

“Triple H Through the Ages”, from January 25th

While this one took a bit of planning as far as the dialogue and what people wore, remembering all the times Triple H has “helped” wrestlers out by beating them in big matches was fairly easy.

“Ryback at Home”, from May 9th

Sure, this one’s pretty wordy, but you just can’t cut down a good threatening rant from Vince McMahon.

“Stepdad Foley’s NXT Kids”, from September 28th

The NXT Kids are always a big hit and fun to draw, and Foley makes such a good punching bag for everyone.

“How Total Bellas Was Created”, from November 4th

Seeing people’s reaction to this comic almost makes up for the pain of watching “Total Bellas” and learning about John Laurinaitis’ sex life. Almost.

“Vince’s Quest”, from February 23rd

I’m not gonna lie, I totally forgot about this comic and had a lot of fun reading through it again when writing this article. Good ol’ crazy Vince! Will he ever learn? Well I guess not, because now it looks like Roman may hold two titles going into Wrestlemania 33.

I hope you all had as much fun taking this trip down memory lane as I did! Now that I know what gets the upvotes in people’s lives, please prepare yourself for many, many more comics about Vince being crazy, Triple H holding people down, and Foley being brought to tears by children’s insults.