Saturday Night at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar took UFC’s Super Samoan, Mark Hunt, to Unanimous Decision City, winning his first fight in years. I’ve never been one for mixed martial arts and didn’t watch the pay per view, but I’m happy for Brock (and enjoyed watching his post fight speech) even if his win means that there’s no way Randy Orton can win at Summerslam. Who’s left in WWE who could believably go toe to toe with Lesnar?

Also in another post match interview, Brock Lesnar was asked if he had to talk to Vince or Dana White about fighting again, and his response should’ve been familiar to regular Botched Spot readers:


So can I predict the future or does Brock read Botched Spot for career advice or had he said it once before and it slipped into my subconscious? Anything’s possible when Brock’s involved!