These are real reasons I’ve heard IN PERSON for security guards taking signs away when I’ve gone to WWE shows (well, maybe not the “too pink” one). I’m not sure how mine make the cut. For example, when I attended Survivor Series last Sunday, there was literally a PILE on discarded signs on the ground as you walked in the door. Not offensive signs or anything, they were just too big. The security guard said that they weren’t allowing signs over two feet by one foot (which is tiny), but my sign was probably okay (it was about twice that size). Now as someone who has sat behind people who hold giant signs up all throughout wrestling shows before, I wasn’t unsympathetic to this, but a little warning before hand would have been nice. Also when watching the show there were several signs that were larger than 2×1 that made it through, so it seemed a bit disorganized. I guess it’s kind of a petty thing to worry about but when people go out of their way to decorate posterboard, it would be nice for it to make it further inside than the arena door.