I switched from loving Wrestlemania 32 to hating it about halfway through the show last night. I was enjoying the show for the most part up through the Divas Women’s Championship match, but once Undertaker started his five minute plod to the ring to exchange submission holds with the business man/ MMA enthusiast, it lost me. I blame, in part, the length. I started watching right when the Kickoff Preshow began, so I was well past my fill of WWE when the actual main event matches started happening. Also the finishes were really screwy, with a lot of surprising victories. I like surprises, don’t get me wrong, but seeing Jericho beat AJ and The League of Nations beat New Day only to be fought off by Foley, HBK, and Austin, only to be joined again by The New Day, only for the champs to be stunnered (stunned?) out of the ring… it was weird. I’ll be posting some more detailed thoughts on the matter tomorrow after seeing how storylines play out on Raw and rewatching the last half of Wrestlemania with fresh eyes. Maybe the Rock beating Rowan in six seconds won’t seem as bad if I haven’t watched six hours of WWE before hand.