Hello, World! It’s been a while! As you may recall, I took a break at the start of the summer to work on a dinosaur wrestling comic and promised to be back in September. Well, here I am! I’m still finishing up a few things on “Ruthless Rex on the Ceratopsian Circuit” (and I’ll post some pages later), but I plan on updating Botched Spot once a week on Wednesdays, but only until the end of the year.

To be honest, a big reason I took a break back in May was I was starting to feel burned out. Burned out on both watching wrestling and drawing comics reacting to what’s going on in wrestling. I was hoping my long summer break would recharge my batteries, especially heading into a huge time of change in wrestling this fall, but I still feeling like I’d rather be working on other projects. Part of me was hoping that AEW would spark my interest, but I really want to be able to watch it as a fan and not have to dig through it to find something to joke about. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d come back to Botched Spot at all, but a wise friend of mine suggested that I send it off right with a planned end date rather than have my last post promise an update that will never come.

So with that in mind, I’m going to keep updating with wrestling comics once a week through the end of the year and after that I may post artwork for other new things I’m working on, but most likely nothing about WWE. I’ll still keep this website up for the archives though, in case any of you want to read my hot takes about Total Divas from six years ago. Also my Patreon is still up and running with four single-panel comics a week about Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and either WCW, AEW, or the latest WWE pay per view, so check that out if you’re itching for more wrestling comics (although that too will be WWE-free by the end of the year).

Thanks so much for reading through the years, and I truly hope you all understand that at the end of the day I just want my seven to eleven hours a week back from WWE!