When presented with anything new in wrestling I feel like it’s in my nature as a wrestling fan to get overly excited then incredibly skeptical about it (a transformation that can take place in seconds) and Global Force Wrestling is no exception. While it’s cool to think about the possibilities of a new wrestling company, having seen a few promotions that were supposed to be the next big thing or “bring back the spirit of ___” come and go over the years I can’t help but be skeptical. Whatever happened to Extreme Rising? Or Wrestlicious?

Of course I’d love to see GFW be hugely successful and push the industry to new heights, but there are so many roadblocks in the way. Having the talent, having the TV deal, having a product interesting enough to get anyone to watch. Whenever I read about anyone trying to start a new wrestling promotion, I always think of the book “Swimming with Piranhas” by Howard Brody, in which he describes the nightmare of trying to make it as a wrestling promoter. Well, he didn’t describe it as a nightmare, but reading through his book definitely made me glad that I never got into that world.