I never ceased to be amazed at some of the eye rolls I got from fellow nerds when I mentioned “wrestling” at Wizard World St. Louis this past weekend. I expect comic conventions to be some kind of nerd safe haven where we only judge each other based on how much we know about Buffy or Star Wars, but somehow pro-wrestling gets left behind.

But not everyone was so judgemental. Actually, the whole convention was pretty good overall, although if it weren’t for sharing table space (price) with some friends (Jeffery Johnson, Andrea Lammie, and Mary McKenzie) the misses and I probably wouldn’t be as positive about it. The whole show was very well run though and the turnout was great- even on Sunday when it snowed eight inches. The Webcomics panel I was on was pretty good too, but with only 45 minutes to talk we only got around to a few questions. But anyway, thanks to everyone who came out and to new readers who took a business card and actually checked out the website listed on it (I get paranoid that most people just take one to be nice. That’s what I do at conventions anyway…).