This is it folks! Last September I announced that I would be ending Botched Spot for good at the end of the year, and here we are at the end of the year! Twelve years is pretty good for a webcomic though, isn’t it? In truth I always thought I’d do it forever, but in the last few years or so I’ve found myself drifting further away from WWE and more towards a desire to make a new project of my own.

The problems that I mention in my comic aren’t really new ones for WWE, but after making this comic for over a decade they’ve ground down on me like a headlock that goes through a commercial break. I know I could keep making comics about other promotions, but somehow I always feel bad making fun of wrestling companies that haven’t had a stranglehold on the industry for 35 years (TNA was the one exception, but even they’ve turned things around).

I’ll still post here and on my Patreon with updates about my next project, a graphic novel about dinosaurs wrestling, but my time making comics about WWE, TNA, AEW, and poor Olav Orlav has come to a close. I appreciate all of you for coming here and supporting me for so long though, and I’ll keep my old comics up so you can all browse through them if you ever want to relive the NXT Kids, the Anthem Owl, the flashbacks, Vince McMahon’s “Goddammits!”, Triple H protecting his legacy, the talking animals, Randy Orton, or the Great Moments for a Heel Turn. Or maybe these other comics I think are pretty funny. Anyway, thanks for reading and please visit here again in the coming weeks for updates on my dinosaur wrestling book that I’m working on. Thanks!