While I was one of the many people on twitter last night who found the Royal Rumble match outcomes disappointing, I don’t want to say I’m “boycotting” Raw tonight. However… I can’t possibly sit through three hours of hype for a rematch I don’t want to see. Cena vs. Rock Part Two? No thanks. Granted, anything could still happen and Cena could still challenge Del Rio for his title, but somehow after last night’s Pay Per View I don’t think they’ll be going in an unpredictable route.

To be fair though, all the other times I’ve sworn off WWE (when Khali became champ in 2007, Daniel Bryan getting fired in 2010, CM Punk losing to Triple H at Night of Champions 2011, to name a few…) I went back pretty quick. So that’s why I’m not going to say I’m “boycotting” Raw tonight, I’m just going to make a concentrated effort to watch it later through DVR. Except when Punk, Ziggler, and Jericho are on. And Daniel Bryan.