Do you remember a time when you thought Wrestlemania 32 would be amazing? I do. Just think about all the rumors swirling around way back after Wrestlemania 31! It was almost a guarantee that we’d see Austin wrestle, Undertaker vs. Sting, Rock wrestling again, etc. A lot of the current issues with booking Wrestlemania 32 can’t even be pinned on WWE. Injuries and Baywatch movies will always happen! As the card stands now, I’m mildly interested in Reigns vs. Triple H, fairly excited for Ambrose vs. Lesnar, and somewhat concerned about Undertaker vs. Shane. I know a lot of people are saying to let the storyline play out, but as of right now WWE are promoting Shane vs. Taker one-on-one in a Hell in a Cell match, which means 20 minutes of Taker beating up Shane before we see the 46 year old businessman fall off the top of the cell.