Y’know, I’m disappointed about Punk quitting the WWE, but if all the rumors are true about WHY he did it- I get it. I too have worked jobs that I’ve hated in the past and the only reason I stuck around is because I needed the money (and I think most everyone on the planet has been there too). If he didn’t need the money, didn’t have any achievable goals left, and hated being there, then I can understand why he left. It still sucks though. I know some people are calling him a quitter over it, and though it’s true, it still puts him in good company with Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. And let’s not pretend this is the first time he got his feathers ruffled by the WWE either, he’s fought through it before and I guess he just had enough.

I’m hoping he comes back soon and works out some kind of deal that makes him happy. To be honest, as far as him facing Triple H, I don’t think it’s that bad of a spot to be in at Wrestlemania. Trips has set himself up as a major heel the past few months so I think it would be a good thing to go up against him. I’m glad that Daniel Bryan is being put into that spot though, especially after Triple H’s comment from a while back about Bryan not being a big enough star to wrestle him. With Bryan’s position now as an anti-authority figure I think it makes more sense for him to be in this match than facing Randy or Batista for the title. Either way it’s still way better than another feud with Sheamus.