The world has been watching in horror as Matt and Jeff Hardy build towards Slammiversary with the help of a film crew. I think the video of Jeff motorcycling his way over to Matt “Sweeny Todd/Jason Blood/Glenn Hetrick” Hardy’s mansion has gotten more attention than anything else on their show for the entire year. I personally have watched it four times (the televised version twice and the director’s cut twice). Is it good that it’s getting all of this attention? Is it bad? It doesn’t make me want to shell out the 60 bucks to see Slammiversary, but I definitely look forward to any future¬†Hardy Boyz productions with Matt acting like a goofy villain from a 90’s cartoon and Jeff taking it all super seriously. Most of the Hardys’ run in TNA makes me think they have complete control over their characters and are using it to relive their past on a larger stage. I’ll keep watching and being entertained by it, phony accents and all.