I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice with this webcomic, either by stretching the truth too far or making a prediction that turns out to be completely off. Usually these are harmless little mistakes that are easy to write off, however once in a while a mistake so huge is made it deserves to be acknowledged, apologized for, and fixed.

When the WWE’s cruiserweight division was first announced I was sure that Vince would eventually give up on it and just use it as a device to put over whatever monster heel he was high on at that moment- usually either Braun Strowman or Big Show. This was based entirely on my experience watching the demise of WWE’s last cruiserweight championship run where it was treated as a third rate title that eventually was given to a leprechaun as a joke. This time would be the same, I thought. It was a given that those poor 205lbs wrestlers would have their division dismantled through no fault of their own, but only Vince’s lack of interest for anything other than his big boy main eventers. On September 19th, 2016 I posted this comic to show exactly what I meant:

Wow. It’s embarrassing and hard to look at now, but after watching 205 Live from this past Tuesday I will bravely correct my mistake. Without further ado, here is the updated version:

But in my defense, who ever thought Goldust would be the first guy to squash a bunch of cruiserweights?