I’m not sure, but the graphics in WWE 2K15 might not actually look like a PS1 dating sim. I could be wrong, and probably am.

Actually the WWE 2K15 MyCareer Mode looks pretty cool. I’ve missed having branching storylines in wrestling games since No Mercy from the N64 days, so it’s nice to see that making a comeback. The idea of building rivalries and hiring managers based off of how you play a character sounds like the way a rags to riches (jobber to champion?) create-a-wrestler storyline should play out, rather than going down the same plotline every time.

I remember Day of Reckoning for Gamecube having a similar storyline where you started out on Sunday Night Heat and then got to choose whether you wanted to be on Raw or Smackdown- only the truth of it was that the storylines were almost exactly the same after that, and the only difference was whether you feuded with Evolution or The New Ministry. At least the gameplay was good.