When I first drew this comic, I didn’t intend for Ashley to ‘boop’ Gene in the nipple, it just kind of happened as the drawings overlapped. A happy accident; I’m glad it happened.

And while I’ve been open about my enjoyment of the WWE’s other reality show, Total Divas, I have mixed to negative feelings about Legends’ House. For all of the different types of terrible reality shows there are, Total Divas picks a genre- a gossipy and trashy documentary about the Divas’ day to day life- and runs with it. Legends’ House is about these guys stuck in a house for no real reason, and they sometimes have challenges, but it’s never really for anything, and there are no repercussions if they don’t participate. Would it be too much to ask that someone gets voted off? Preferably Hacksaw? Maybe the winner gets to be involved in a Pay Per View, or at least gets a WWE Network special about them. An episode of Slam City, perhaps?