Ever since I posted a comic six months ago doubting how good Bray’s new “Firefly Funhouse” gimmick was, I regretted it. Sure, Bray’s captivating WWE debut back in 2013 slowly crumbled to one terrible booking decision after another, but this new children’s show was a breath of fresh air, unlike anything I’d seen in wrestling before. It’s been entertaining each week to watch Bray cheerfully introduce new characters and drop chilling hints about the Fiend. Well after Hell in a Cell I don’t feel guilty for doubting him anymore!

One of my big problems with Bray was that WWE always wanted fans to take him seriously, but then they never gave him any big wins. Like at first I thought it was cool he never won any titles, like he was above them, but then by the time he actually got the WWE Championship in 2017 it felt like it was way too late and too marred by the House of Horrors and bugs in the ring. I hope “The Fiend” can eventually get some of his credibility back, but after watching him willingly waste his Championship match just to kill Seth after the bell had rung makes me think he’s already peaked.