You don’t need me to tell you how amazing/ mindblowing/ crazy CM Punk’s recent interview on the Art of Wrestling podcast was. It’s been blowing up the internet for the last week! I still can’t even get the podcast to download, which is why I linked to the youtube video.

Out of all the revelations- the faulty health practices, Triple H and Vince’s reaction to him leaving, the double standards, and everything else, I think what shocked me the most was how RIGHT all of the dirtsheets were that were reporting on this stuff all along. Those reports on Punk not wanting to work with Triple H at Wrestlemania 30? Totally true. Any doubt that Bryan wasn’t in the main event plans for the same show? Punk dashes them with the truth. I suppose he could be lying, but during the interview he doesn’t really sound like he has anything to gain by doing so. He’s not wrestling any more and he doesn’t even have any big projects he’s plugging (that I know of).

I’ll be very interested to hear the next episode of Art of Wrestling, when CM Punk answers all of the fan questions. While I’ve been a fan of Punk for a while, there were a few parts that I think need a little more clarification. For example, he did hold the WWE Championship for 434 days- even though he wasn’t always main eventing Pay Per Views, that had to feel a little vindicating. Also he made a big deal about getting fired on his wedding day, but it’s not like he was ever going back…

Anyway, it was great to finally hear Punk come clean about everything and see that even though he referred to himself as a “cog in the machine” back in his original pipebomb, he’s still making waves in the wrestling world long after he quit wrestling. I mean, walked out. Or, was fired. Whatever.