Wow. So that may have been the most infuriating/ disappointing/ awful moment in Wrestlemania history for me. Daniel Bryan’s squash match, the first match on the card, was 18 seconds long! I wasn’t going to be upset if he lost; I mentally prepared myself for that. But to be squashed right out of the gate like that? I mean it does no favors for Sheamus, makes everyone that Bryan’s beat so far look bad, makes Bryan himself look AWFUL… And there were so many better candidates for a squash match too, like Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show. And the whole crowd with the “YES!” signs and the chanting… Ugh. And, as the comic for today shows, it strongly affected the rest of my Wrestlemania viewing experience for everything after that.

I know there’s a mentality in wrestling that if something gets a reaction it’s a good thing, regardless if people are happy or not. Well I hope WWE gets something out of it, so the whole thing’s not a complete waste. And, as much as I hate to admit it, the kid at the Wrestlemania party I was at marked out hard for Sheamus winning with only a kick to the face, so I know not everyone was as crushed as I was.