To start writing (or drawing a comic) about Ryback is to take a huge chance that he won’t get released with everyone else before you finish it. I’m not sure what to make out of Ryback’s blog post from last week about wanting equal pay between winners and losers because there’s a lot I don’t know about WWE’s pay structure. If someone like Kalisto is handed a big bag of money after beating Ryback at Payback simply because he won, then yeah, that’s ridiculous. If, on the other hand, Ryback’s using the words “winners” and “losers” as a way of talking about different spots on the card, I’m not so sure. It’s a lot harder to replace main eventers than it is to replace the guys who go out and lose to them.

All the same, it’s no secret that WWE really takes advantage of their “independent contractors” and hopefully Ryback speaking out will start a movement towards better treatment and maybe even a wrestler union. Maybe Cameron’s legacy will be that of a martyr who was fired days after speaking out about unfair treatment. Nah, she’ll never be forgiven for the whole “Melina vs. Alicia Fox” thing.