We are one week away from the greatest wrestling show of the year, Wrestlemania! By greatest, I mean the most hyped, but that’s usually the same thing, right? It’s time for The Road to Wrestlemania 32, the third annual Road to Wrestlemania board game I’ve done (check out Wrestlemania 30 and Wrestlemania 31), and this is the most injury prone yet! While the road is long and fraught with losing turns, there is a new mechanic to aid you in your quest this year: Raw Replay Cards! Cashing in these cards will allow a player re-roll their last dice roll, so hopefully this will balance out all of the turns lost due to injuries, KO’s, and, of course, RKO’s.

I’m attaching both a printable version of the game as well as “Raw Replay” cards (although you may want to save ink and keep track with tokens or counting on your fingers, but that’s your call!).

Also in other Botched Spot news, I’ve partnered with the “What a Maneuver” pro wrestling shirt company to put out Botched Spot t-shirts! Check it out here!