I wasn’t surprised to see Orton revert back to his old heat seeking tricks Monday night by going after Cena’s Dad. He’s got to use everything he has considering that the main event title picture is so FAR less interesting now than the WWE’s other feuds going on with Daniel Bryan vs. the Wyatts and Punk vs. the Shield. And I’m pretty sure I’m not just saying that because I’m a wrestling fan who also uses the internet to talk about wrestling. I think WWE knows it too, based off of what’s been opening and closing the shows. For anyone worrying that only having one world title would make the superstars not in the running for the title (anyone other than Cena and Orton) look like unimportant midcarders, I think your fears should be alleviated by now.

Speaking of using the internet to talk about wrestling, last night I was on FTW Podcast to discuss all of the wins and fails of 2013! You can listen in as I flounder around for the first fifteen minutes of the podcast trying to understand how to log in via Google+, and then playing it cool like nothing happened. So listen in, it’s a good way to spend two hours!