Actually, there were several panels that could be used to define “No Holds Barred.” The main villain Zeus screaming for no reason and flying in a rainbow striped helicopter. Rip’s ultra bland brother who looks like he’s falling asleep half the time. And, of course, the “what’s that smell” scene. Really great movie, by the way. I figured it was going to be kind of cheesy by all the trailers for it on Raw and Smackdown, but it exceeded my expectations by far.

And on a personal note, my internet’s been going off and on “every time a squirrel farts in Nashville” as my wife puts it, so updating my comic is going to be kind of spotty until it gets fixed. I’m still dedicated to three updates a week, they just might not be perfectly on time.

Oh, and spoilers for those who haven’t seen “No Holds Barred”- The thing that Hogan smells is dookie. Yes, a henchman craps his pants and says “dookie”. Best worst movie ever.