Lo and forsooth! Welcome to the RKOPG, A Viper in Mizville! It’s a fantastical world in which Ortons from across space and time, spanning across galaxies, have joined together for adventures and RKOs! Past versions of the Orton we know will join with future Ortons, medieval Ortons, and beyond! Will you accept the challenge and take up the mantle of the angriest and orangest man in creation? Will you play it safe and help the citizens of Mizville? Or will you RKO everyone possible (even though this may break the game)? Only YOU can decide! …Unless you’re stuck as the Game Master though, but then you at least get to roll for monsters, so that’s cool, right? Right?

This RKOPG will run like a stripped down Dungeons & Dragons with RKO elements, so if you’re familiar with D&D, you should be in good hands. If not, I’ll have explanations of how it will all work.

Each day this week I will be updating the blog on the home page with a new bit of info about the game, like a new version of Orton to play as, different opponents you will face, or details about the world or battle system. Then on Friday I will release a big pdf with all of the info presented in one easy guide and a campaign, “A Viper in Mizville”, to play through! To be honest this is a completely new endeavor for me, so if it’s unclear or the game breaks or anything, please be patient with me and pretend that this is all an advanced “beta” mode and I waived the early-access fee!

Each day will reveal a new playable Orton character and today starts us off with a classic: The Legend Killer Randy Orton! Pulled from Orton’s own past, the “Legend Killer” arrives in Mizville ready to show why he’s the best! Cocky and headstrong, this young version of Orton can charm the pants off of most anyone- if he’s not pooping in their bag, that is!