Not pictured: Mr. Bean and those women from “Absolutely Fabulous”.

I can’t help but feel sorry for all my friends out there in the UK if the rumors of the WWE Network only being offered as a channel through Sky Sports are true. I don’t know how much that all adds up to financially, but I’m guessing it’s more than $9.99. I will say that while I enjoy having access to the on demand content, most of what I watch on the Network is NXT and the Pay Per Views, which I watch as they happen (if the Network’s not screwing up) so I don’t think only having the channel would be a total waste. That still really sucks though.

On a side note, the Honey Monster is completely terrifying. Is he calling the small child “Mummy” in this commercial? I’ll stick to my Captains with their eyebrows on the outside of their hat, thanks!