One of the things that really amazes me about the WWE Network (which is great, by the way, I can’t recommend it enough) is seeing how much fans have changed, even over the last decade. I’m not sure what the reason is- my best guess is social media spreading internet wrestling news faster and more easily- but fans used to boo heels, now they boo bad booking.

While I know Chicago fans are planning a Raw takeover tonight, I feel like we’ve been living through a fan takeover the past year or so. How else can you describe things like Fandangoing, or the reaction Batista got at the Rumble? I’m not even sure what the end goal is at this point. Is it “Punk vs. Bryan for the title at Wrestlemania 30 or we riot”? While I, and many others, would like to see that, I think if WWE has taught us anything it’s to keep our expectations in check.

I’m kind of curious what the reasoning is behind hijacking Raw instead of just outright boycotting it. I’ve read a lot of call to arms over the last few weeks that people upset with Orton vs. Batista should, I don’t know, ethically be required to boycott the WWE Network, Wrestlemania 30, and everything in between. While I’m ticked about the WWE World Title match competitors, there’s still plenty to enjoy that the company puts out, with the recent NXT Arrival special being just one recent example. And I’m definitely not going to give up $60 in ticket prices and three hours of my life to try and ruin their TV show (though I look forward to seeing what happens).

It seems like a given that the WWE will add a third person into the Wrestlemania 30 main event now that they’ve turned Batista heel. While I hope that Punk returns for that very purpose, I keep having to remind myself that the last several pay per views have ended with WWE getting our hopes up and then crushing them, so again, I’m keeping my expectations in check. Either way, hopefully tonight we get a better idea of what the ‘Mania title picture will ultimately look like. And if it is just Orton vs. Batista, then that’s another crowd hijacking I’ll look forward to.