I think public opinion-wise, being a wrestling fan ranks somewhere right below Nascar and right above Bronies. I’m not too sure where this stereotyping comes from, but looking over articles about the WWE Network in the news (not wrestling news, just the normal kind), the comments section was like a race to see who could say the worst things about wrestling fans the fastest. “It’s fake, it’s for kids, it’s crap…” How did we get this reputation? Aside from the occasional face palm inducing moments like the one depicted above or others, it’s not that much worse than any other TV show, is it?

When I was younger I was considered nerdy for playing videogames, liking Star Wars, and reading comics, and now those are all popular things! Well, maybe not READING comics, but saying you liked the Batman movies and wearing a Captain America t-shirt is, anyway. It makes me wonder how much longer until pro-wrestling gets its day in the sun. The day when we can tell people we watch it without getting the response “Don’t you know it’s fake?!”. Ugh.

And sorry if I’m picking on TNA too much, but rest assured, John Cena showing up to Raw right as it ends is just as bad (though I did enjoy Orton hijacking a car).