I mark out for Daniel Bryan. I know it’s typical IWC to do so, especially when he’s a heel, but I can’t help it! However, I do feel like the WWE is trying everything they can to get all of their fans to hate him, and I think with his controlling abusive boyfriend gimmick it might actually work. When he lectures an audience on being vegan it’s fun and silly, especially to anyone who knows he only lives that lifestyle for health reasons. And when he gets cheap wins over Big Show, it’s always through crafty heel tactics. Both of those things are easy to mark out for at home or at a live show. But when he tells poor little AJ to shut up, I don’t know that I could cheer for him if I was sitting in the audience. Obviously he’s only acting like a jerk as part of his role on the show, but I if I were sitting out in the crowd I think I’d feel a little awkward clapping for him after he talks down to her. Maybe it’s because she looks like she’s twelve. Maybe it’s because he looks like a crazy person. Either way, next time I go to a live event I think I’ll stick to booing him. I mean it still looks good for him, right?