This is probably the safest bet out of all my predictions. Well, at least Sin Cara getting fired. While I’ve never shied away from taking a cheap shot at the faceless one, it pains me that he’s fallen so far since they made such a big deal about him coming to WWE. I mean, just look at the picture of him in a suit from when they first signed him!

sincarablogLuchadors in suits = Me marking out.

Part of my soft spot for the guy comes from when I saw his WWE debut at Raw in Atlanta. It was right after my wife and I went to WM 27 in Atlanta and saw the Miz main event for the title, Snooki win a match, and Daniel Bryan’s US Title defense get turned into a dark match battle royal which Khali won. I won’t say I had a bad time because it was still Wrestlemania, but when I went to Raw the next night I was definitely ready for a pick me up and I was hoping Sin Cara would deliver. Whenever I go to a show a little part of me (and I think everyone else) hopes that something will happen that night that will resonate for years to come. Like you’ll be able to tell your grandkids years later “I was there when _____ happened!” When Sin Cara finally debuted and botched his jump over the ropes, his first minute into the organization, I knew that moment had come.