You may notice that my TNA prediction doesn’t include the sale of TNA. I’m taking Dixie’s (and her Mom’s) word on that. Something tells me that if TNA goes down, Dixie will be there with it. Although if I were in their shoes I would sell it. Just think of everything that’s happened to them this year, between their big names leaving (AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan), the whole #AskDixie debacle, severely cutting back on PPVs, Double J taking off, and the lackluster results from taking their show on the road.

And what’s funny/ sad to me is that a few years ago I thought in order for TNA to be successful they had to do all the things they tried to do this year and couldn’t. I thought in order for TNA to be successful they had to have a live show. They had to get out of the Impact Zone and take their show on the road. They had to finally push their own stars and not just rely on ex-WWE guys to draw in viewers. Okay, so that last one’s debatable, but I think they’ve been trying more than people give them credit for. I’m just not sure where they go from here.

It’s easy to say that they just need better storylines, but they weren’t that bad, were they? At least not compared to the competition. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Aces and Eights, but I know some people liked them. I at least saw people wearing the vests when I went to a live show last fall. And some of their programming is consistently great. I think Bully Ray’s just about the best heel in the business right now and Bad Influence is always entertaining. I hope, if anything, these changes lead to a better, more streamlined show that revolves more around wrestling and less around big name stars. After all, they can’t really afford any.