As we boldly venture forth into a new year, I, as always, make time to reflect on the previous one. Predictions are the only tradition I’ve been doing at Botched Spot since I started way back in 2008, and it’s one of the most fun to do. Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously though, and it’s now time to take a look back at at my predictions from 2015 for 2016 to see how well I did. Here we go!

Sadly, Blondie LaFemme and Lacy LaPants never had their shot at WWE, as the plans for the previously announced Divas Search revival were ended and instead WWE went full force with the Women’s Revolution. And while Bayley eventually made her debut, she still hasn’t had her chance to shine in main event matches. I’m going to have to call this one as a miss!

While TNA survived, so did their Pop TV deal! Another miss! And not only is TNA still on Pop TV, but they have a new investor in Anthem Sports who believes in them more than anyone. After TNA survived 2016, despite all of the legal bouts, wrestlers leaving, and rats in cages, I’d be a fool to predict that they lose a TV deal ever again.

I’m not sure if WWE Breaking Ground is ever coming back, but after their first season WWE’s obsession with pulling the curtain back subsided. Talking Smack comes close to the line, but just teases going over, without blatantly saying “these are characters being portrayed by athletes!” Another miss for me, but fortunately for the better.

Well it looks like my predictions scored a big ol’ zero out of three, but I’d honestly rather take a chance and get them all wrong than get three safe predictions right. Especially considering that I don’t put any money on these predictions. If there’s a Hardcore Wrestling Tournament in 2017 though, I’ll never stop bragging about predicting it!