Despite the last two Royal Rumbles being complete disappointments, I can’t help but get excited for this year’s. Unlike the last two, there isn’t a really strong fan favorite to win this year, so I think the audience will be more accepting no matter what the outcome. That is unless Triple H enters the Rumble and wins it, but that would be crazy talk! No way WWE would want to piss off their fans again! Anyway, the rest of the card looks really solid too. That’s the nice thing about having one really big match, it cuts down on all the filler.


PreShow Kickoff Match to qualify for the Royal Rumble: The Prime Time Players vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Ascension vs. the classic team of Mark Henry and Jack Swagger

Honestly I didn’t even know this match was happening until I checked the card on Wikipedia. Hm! Henry and Swagger teaming together. All right. While I could see them winning the match since being added to the Rumble works better for singles wrestlers, I’m picking the Dudleys, if only because I want them to actually win something in their current run with WWE.

The winner is: The Dudley Boyz


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto for the US Title

I love Kalisto and while I’d love to see him win the title back, I just don’t think WWE will go for it right now. His short title reign seemed pretty typical of the WWE- give a guy a brief reign to see how he does and, if successful, plan for a longer reign later on. I think Del Rio will have a dominant victory over the luchador you adore, and Kalisto will go back to teaming with Sin Cara whenever he comes back from his injury.

The winner is: Alberto Del Rio


Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing Match for the IC Title

While I know all the Royal Rumble talk is about who will win the main event, I really think this match could steal the show. One thing going for it is that there aren’t any other hardcore type matches on the card, so hopefully they won’t have to hold back on anything because someone else has a table or ladder spot planned for later in the show. While I could see either man leaving with the title, I feel like Kevin Owens is more likely to lay down for the ten count.

The winner is: Dean Ambrose


Becky Lynch vs. Ric Flair version 2 for the Divas Championship

I’ve really enjoyed the feud leading up to this Diva’s match, and it’s been a looong time since I’ve been able to say that. While I enjoyed Charlotte being a dominant heel in NXT, I think this change to her being a cheating, cocky heel with Ric Flair as a manager fits her really well. Meanwhile Becky has been hitting her stride as the number one Diva babyface in WWE, being pretty darn likable and someone I think the audience genuinely wants to see win. While I’d love for Becky to take the title home, I think they’d save a big moment like that for Wrestlemania.

The winner is: Charlotte


The New Day vs the Usos for the Tag Titles

As much as I love The New Day, seeing them fight the Usos feels like a weekly occurrence. I wish the Usos had been the one to break Francesca so New Day would be upset with them about it instead, adding a little extra animosity to the match (as much as a broken instrument can). Instead it’s just another tag team match between these teams, which isn’t bad, but isn’t anything to really look forward to either.

The winner is: The New Day


The Royal Rumble match

The whole storyline going into the Rumble has been “how will Roman Reigns hold on to his title?” so it’s hard for me to pick anyone other than him to win it. And in truth, it would be a good way to make him look even more credible if he doesn’t sleep through the whole thing this time. While I could see Brock winning it, I don’t think WWE would book Brock vs. Reigns for the ‘Mania main event a second year in a row, and I really can’t imagine Roman being in anything other than the main event. While I hope the rumors of the Bullet Club coming to WWE are true, and a debut at the Rumble would be amazing, I can’t honestly see them doing anything other than getting tossed over the top rope. Some are predicting Triple H might come in at number 30 and win the whole thing, but I just can’t pick that to happen based on just how terrible it would be.

The winner is: Roman Reigns

I think this Pay Per View will be really great to watch for both the matches and all of the question marks. Will the Bullet Club will show up? Will Daniel Bryan finally return? Will Triple H join the Rumble only to get thrown out by the newly returning Daniel Bryan? There’s a lot for fans to look forward to. But if the biggest surprise is Road Dog, I still think it will be a good show.