I know what you’re thinking when you read my predictions for 2016. Does James really know what he’s talking about? Who is he to say what will or won’t happen? What proof can he point to that says he’s a more accurate at predicting the future than any of the other few hundred wrestling bloggers that make predictions this time of year? Well all I need to do is point to my 2015 predictions and you will see just why they call me “the guy who sometimes is able to guess what might happen.” Let’s take a look:


Prediction #1: WWE will start out the year with pushing young talent, but will turn it around when the ratings/ buys/ subscriptions stay down.

Welp, I’m starting off the predictions with a pretty huge miss here! While Brock started the year as champ, Rollins carried the title for most of it until Sheamus and Roman took over. This is a prediction I’m okay with missing because there was a real fear in 2014 that Cena would hold the title for good chunk of this year.

Prediction #2: Global Force Wrestling will successfully broadcast Wrestle Kingdom 9 but fail to capitalize off of it.

Well I could call this a miss given all the problems GFW had broadcasting WK9 (my cable provider only offered the replay in standard definition the following day) but the larger point was that GFW wouldn’t be able to capitalize off of it, which I would say is a hit. A hit for me, a miss for them. Case in point, it’s a year later and I still don’t know if / when a GFW tv show will air, if they’re still doing live shows in baseball stadiums, and if they will broadcast Wrestle Kingdom 10.


Prediction #3: NXT will drop in quality when the talent realizes how sucky it is to be on the main roster.

This one’s a pretty big miss considering that NXT superstars continue to do well, continue to get called up, continue to flail around in the midcard, and new talented wrestlers debut in NXT to take their place. This may turn around now, given reports and rumors that the champs Bayley and Finn are happy in NXT and are in no rush to be called up.

Okay, so maybe my predictions aren’t always spot on, but the wild and wacky world of pro wrestling has been known to throw some curveballs now and then. I mean, who would’ve predicted that New Day would turn into one of the most must-see acts in the WWE? No one!