My Sign for Survivor Series. I know, Tyson's not even booked, but if he shows up, I'll be ready.

My Sign for Survivor Series. I know, Tyson’s not even booked, but if he shows up, I’ll be ready.

If Survivor Series wasn’t one of the WWE’s original Pay Per Views I wonder if it would still be around today or if it would have gone the way of No Mercy and Taboo Tuesday. I typically enjoy Survivor Series matches if the teams make sense and they are fighting for something that matters, which this year’s PPV kind of manages to achieve. Remember Survivor Series 2006 when the Spirit Squad took on a team of WWE Legends? I’ll be damned if I remember whether it was a good match or not, but I could at least understand and appreciate why a bunch of legends would team up to fight a bunch of annoying new wrestlers. While the traditional Survivor Series match this year with Team Authority vs. Team Cena isn’t perfect, WWE has invested a lot in making us think the outcome will matter, and I can appreciate that.

I’m a little more excited for this show than normal because as a St. Louisian I will be attending the event LIVE. The WWE comes here about once a year or so, and when they’re showing a PPV it’s hard to pass up. Of course the tickets for the show were bought long before the card was known or announced, so I had no idea if the WWE Champ would be defending or anything like that. I’d probably go anyway though just for the fun of attending a live show. On with the predictions!

Team Heel Divas vs. Team Face Divas, featuring Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi, and Natalya vs. Paige, Cameron, Layla, and Summer Rae.
Remember that Spirit Squad match I referenced as the pinnacle of Survivor Series? This does not live up to it. Considering how much work the WWE has put in to the Divas’ division in the last year or two, this match feels like a step backwards towards the Divas Search days. I’m not saying all these ladies are terrible, but it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses. I’m going with the faces winning to keep the crowd happy.

Tag Team Four Way with The Usos, Los Matadores, Miz and Mizdow, and Gold and Stardust.
It’s nice to have a tag division. Sure, one of them has a bull mascot, but still. I’m predicting that Gold and Stardust will walk away with the belts because the Usos just lost them, Los Matadores aren’t serious contenders, and Miz/ Mizdow is more like a singles act with a really active manager. I’m glad that we’re getting this match though. As fun as the Usos have been to watch, I feel like I’m seeing the same work from them match in and match out, so hopefully the two extra teams will bring something new to the table.

Bray Wyatt’s Home for Wayward Ambroses Match
This is easily my most anticipated match on the show. While I was lukewarm on Wyatt’s hologram that started this feud, I’ve actually really enjoyed the twist of Bray coming after Dean because he wants to help him like he helped Rowan and Harper. Unlike when Bray tried recruiting Daniel Bryan way back at the start of this year “just because” (that may not be an actual quote), I find it believable that Bray would see Dean as a potential new cult member. I predict that Bray will squeak out a win in some way that lets Dean come back and beat him at the next PPV.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella, where we hopefully hear the word “CinderBella” for the last time.
I know I’ve differentiated myself from the rest of the internet by not actively hating the Bella Twins, but I still feel a little taboo in saying that I’d be okay with Nikki winning the title. AJ’s held it for so long without too many real threats other than Paige, so having a fresh, legitimately hateable person hold it makes sense to me. I predict that Nikki will win, instantly spawning hundreds of articles about how AJ is leaving WWE to be with Punk.

Team Cena vs. Team Authority
Like a drawing by a two year old, I can appreciate the effort that went into this match, but at the same time I know it could be so much better. If the match is so important to Triple H, why isn’t he wrestling on his team? He beat Brock Lesnar not THAT long ago, you mean to tell me he can’t put on some trunks in order to save his job? Also the teams fall into the random heels versus random faces they’ve been feuding with rut. I predict that Rowan will flake out on Team Cena and Orton will rush in for the save, winning the match for Team Cena.

Wow, so I guess that’s it. Only 5 matches on the Free Pay Per View, given away to anyone with an internet connection who can sign up for the Network. I imagine we’ll get some Rose vs. Bunny action, maybe a debut of “A New Day”, possibly even something with Tyson Kidd. I’m not sure that this will be the best way to hook potential new subscribers. Hopefully at the end of the show we’ll get some new storyline coming out of the winner of Team Cena vs. Team Authority, like the announcement of the new authority figure or maybe even… a John Cena heel turn? I know, it’s hopeless, but this would be a GREAT time for him to turn heel, and give the WWE something exciting and different to get people’s attention.