Another month, another pay per special event. At one point in time, the Hell in a Cell match was used as a way to blow off feuds. Now matches are forced into it as a way to sell PPV buys. Actually, it makes perfect sense for Rollins vs. Ambrose and WOULD make perfect sense for Cena vs. Lesnar after the cop out ending to Night of Champions, but y’know, the WWE Champion can only be expected to work so many dates. Let’s dive in!

Brothers vs. Brothers: Gold and Stardust vs. The Usos
Since the Rhodeseses JUST won the tag titles I don’t think they’re losing them now. I haven’t really bought in fully to the Dust Bros., and while I appreciate that the tag division now has a) tag teams that b) actually have team names and dress alike, this feud hasn’t really grabbed my interest. Gold and Stardust for the win.

Sister vs. Sister: Brie vs. Nikki
I’m actually really torn on this one. While I think it would be strange to see Brie (a face) bossing around Nikki (a heel) for a month, Brie hasn’t really been the classic white-meat babyface. For one thing, she can barely have a conversation without calling someone a “bitch”. I think it’s going to be a better storyline to have Nikki bossing around Brie, with Brie rebelling wherever she can, so I’ll pick Nikki to win.

Singles Title Defense 1: Sheamus vs. Miz
While I haven’t really gotten that into the whole Mizdow act, I know it’s catching on with a lot of other fans, leading me to believe Miz will win. I feel like Sheamus has NO HEAT right now and needs something else to boost his career. Maybe a heel turn? Yes, I think a heel turn.

Singles Title Defense 2: Ziggler vs. Cesaro in a Two out of Three Falls match
This is one of the few matches I’m really looking forward to on the show. I’m a little worried that it will be rushed and we’ll wind up seeing the champ getting pinned within the first five minutes, but I imagine it’ll be entertaining nonetheless. It’s tough to predict a winner, but I guess I’ll go with Ziggles to retain.

The Bulgarian Bulldozer vs. That Oversized Flag Yanker
I’ve no doubt that Rusev will dominate Big Show and continue on his path to bigger and better things (Cena). I imagine that Mark Henry might use this as an opportunity to turn heel, and I can’t really blame him after Show’s talk to him about how he’s not big enough to shoulder the American spirit. I mean, he literally said that in front of hundreds of people! I know I’d be pissed if someone talked down to me like that.

Alicia Fox, featuring AJ vs. Paige for the Diva’s Title
Paige is joining Total Deevs now, so no titles for her! I know Steph denied that the Total Divas cast members were banned from winning the title in a recent interview, but the reasoning behind the rule (Vince doesn’t want viewers to be confused about the time gap between the current shows and when Total Divas airs) sounds WWE crazy enough to be true. I’m also predicting AJ to win because I’m a little tired of this feud and ready for her to move on to other things (like Charlotte Flair).

Hell in a Cell: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
First off I want to say that I don’t think this match will be the main event. While I personally look forward to this match way more than the other cell match, and it has had much better buildup (aside from Abrose tearing apart manniquins), Cena and Orton are FAR bigger names and are fighting for number one contendership- the closest this pay per view is getting to the title. That being said, this feud actually deserves the cell, and I can’t wait to see what Rollins and Ambrose come up with. I think Ambrose will win the match, leading to more dissension in the Authority.

Hell in a Cell: John Cena vs. Randy Orton
I’m going out on a limb and suggesting that Orton will win. I want Orton to win. My prediction is based on how many times Cena has faced Lesnar recently, and while there was never a definitive end to their Night of Champions match, I think it’s time for someone else to face The Beast.

So that’s Hell in a Cell. You’d think the other singles titles would’ve raised in importance at this show given that the WWE title won’t even be there, but based off the card it doesn’t look like it. To be honest, I was fairly disappointed with Night of Champions, ESPECIALLY the ending, so I’m not super excited for this show. I hope to be proven wrong, but WWE has to up their game to keep this Network subscriber subscribin’.

…Well I’ll probably keep subscribing no matter what, but I still hope this show’s half way decent.