I wanted this week to be all about Randy Orton, but I have to mention how terrible the NXT Season 3 premiere was! When I think about the WWE product, I usually think of it as something that has a lot of time and effort put into it, good or bad. Like even with the guest host segments, I know there’s probably a good amount of work that went into making them happen, and I can appreciate that even if the end result is terrible to watch (for example, the A-Team segments).

This last episode of NXT changed that. I used to think of wrestlers as a fairly prestigious bunch, but now I feel like if I was a woman I could get a boob job and have a pretty decent chance at making it as a diva. I don’t want to sound harsh to everyone on the show, as a couple of the girls were good, but I’d rather just wait for Naomi or AJ to come to Raw or Smackdown than watch them go through the same, tired dance segments through the season. I’m convinced now that Aloisia will be showing up sooner or later, as the reasons given for her being “fired” (being too green, suggestive photos) apply to almost all the other divas.

And speaking of NXT, Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz for the US Title ensures that I’ll get Night of Champions! Their feud on NXT Season 1 was one of my favorite things WWE has done this year, and I’m glad to see it culminate in this match. Now I just hope the match gets more than ten minutes.

Oh, and for Randy Orton?