The process of THQ having a big event for revealing information about the most recent Smackdown vs. Raw game always has the same effect on me. First, an overall feeling of apathy, considering 90% of the game is the same as the year before. Then, I see a countdown clock on a website somewhere and roll my eyes, wondering who actually gets excited about it. Then throughout the rest of the week the clock keeps counting down IN MY BRAIN as I gradually grow more and more curious as to the details of the game, like whether or not certain wrestlers made it in. Of course Alberto Del Rio isn’t going to be in, but Drew McIntyre? The Nexus? Daniel Bryan? Then by the time the day comes I can’t think of anything else! …Then I see the new information, remember it’s 90% of the same as before, and forget about it. …Well, until the game comes out and then I must have it!

I went through the same process yesterday as THQ announced the roster for Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. Actually, some things about the game sound pretty cool to me, like the WWE Universe mode and the free roaming backstage environments. However, I was disappointed to see Nexus members not available until the holiday season (although I’m sure that was out of their hands), and Layla only available through DLC. She’s the Women’s Champion!

Anyway, while waiting I thought up some ideas for Randy Orton themed spin-off games, should the WWE ever want to go in that direction. Kind of like Sub-Zero’s spin off game from Mortal Kombat. Randy’s not the most diverse guy out there, but I think he could star in a variety of game genres.


A tower defense home protection adventure, retelling that epic night Triple H broke into Randy Orton’s home in early 2009. Randy would set traps and abandon his defenseless wife in order to buy himself some time until the police show up.


This would be like the original Excite Bike, except if you go too fast you spin out and break your collarbone.


Randy fulfills his dreams of meeting the perfect girl and getting married in this magical adventure for all ages! As long as the age isn’t over 12.