Randy Orton week plugs along fiercely here at Botched Spot, as I watched The Legend Killer on RAW tonight fighting Wade Barrett. Did you know he’s facing John Cena next week? Even if you didn’t, you probably could have guessed considering WWE can’t go two weeks without them in a match.

But I’ve been thinking about toys. Back when I was a kid all the cool toys rode on things. G.I. Joes rode on tanks, Dino Riders rode on dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles rode on… junk that shot out pizza. Or slime. It didn’t always make sense, but they rode these deadly vehicles through anyone who got in their way. But not wrestlers. Sure, they had rings and title belts, but no cars or tanks or motorcycles! Even when there was a TV show called Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling where wrestlers rode in cars ripped off from Wacky Races there were never any toy cars for wrestlers. Not even after the videogame WWF Crush Hour!

So I started thinking, what if Mattel tried to change this non-vehicular rut by giving Orton something to ride around in?

Oh, and action figure Randy? Watch those turns.