I’m a little skeptical of the news that WWE’s recent releases were due to the Network not selling as well as they hoped. While Brodus, Drew, Jinder, and all the others may have not been released if WWE was still rolling in money, there is usually a “spring cleaning” type of mass releasing that happens every year, and this year it just came a little late. Honestly it’s been a long time coming for some of these guys like JTG (as the internet loved to point out over and over again) so the Network feels a little too much like a convenient scapegoat to me.

It’s always sad to hear of people losing their jobs though, and I truly believe that most of those wrestlers can still go on to do great things. As ridiculous as the Hornswoggle vs. El Torito feud is, Drew and Jinder really owned their roles in it and helped make it better than it was ever expected to be. While I know the Brodus’ debut as the Funkasaurus will live in infamy forever, he entertained a lot of kids. Aksana… was there when Cesaro debuted. Okay, so not all of them had perfect careers, but I wish them all the best.