So I bought “Scooby Doo: WrestleMania Mystery!” the other day and I actually enjoyed it. I was never a big Scooby fan growing up and I went in with low expectations, but the overall silliness and camp won me over. I won’t say it is required watching or anything, and if it shows up on Netflix tomorrow I’ll feel a little cheated, but it was fun. I even managed to guess who was behind the Ghost Bear, despite there being about five red herrings (hint: it’s not the person who it seems most likely to be!).

The most intriguing idea behind it though was that Wrestlemania takes place at WWE City, a magical place that is themed exclusively to WWE. There are so many questions begging to be asked about their laws and police enforcement, like if people are allowed to look at wrestling websites beyond At first I thought about doing a series of comics about it, and then a short story or maybe a novel about some unlucky person living in their world, maybe in the police force, who is tasked with cutting of the hands (or plucking out the eyeballs?) of people who illegally stream pay per views. I think sticking with the one comic is best.

I did shed a tear for poor Sin Cara who CLEARLY was expected to be in a much better position in WWE by the time this was released.