Even though it’s odd that they won’t have a world champion on their tour, I’m excited to see Impact Wrestling go back to the UK. I can’t deny that seeing giant crowds full of enthusiasm for TNA has an effect on me. They seem more legitimate, like now there’s evidence that people outside of Universal Studios think they’re good. It was their trip over there last year that helped me to regain interest in Impact Wrestling to begin with and start watching it not just out of a feeling of obligation, but out of an actual interest to see what happens.

I’m even more interested in Dixie’s recent announcement that Impact Wrestling will start taking their show on the road. The fans at the Impact Zone almost always seem like they can be trusted to go along with the storylines, cheering the faces and booing the heels. But when TNA goes to more vocal (hostile?) crowds like Chicago I can see Brooke Hogan and her romantic storylines getting ripped to shreds. Either way it’ll be fun to watch and I think TNA will be stronger for it.