Okay, so that’s not the REAL reason it’s been a while since the last update. But seriously though, what’s up with all these injuries, real and fake? It’s getting ridiculous!

But (more than) two months ago I said I would take a break from Botched Spot to focus on developing my website skills. I didn’t really elaborate on this, but the whole reason behind it is that I’m working towards getting a job in website development. I didn’t really want to admit to it on here because once every blue moon people at my current job might come here to see what I do in my off time, but I’m willing to take the chance (and if anyone reading this DOES work at my current workplace, I’m just joking around with all this nonsense! You know how I am!). But yeah, totally working towards getting something more of a “career” than a job, if you know what I mean. At first I somewhat naively thought it’d only take a couple of months for me to catch up on everything I needed to know, but as it turns out, I need a bit more time than I thought so that’s why the erratic update schedule is still going.

I wish I had better news about it, or that I could give you all a firm deadline for when I’ll resume my normal schedule, but I couldn’t do that in complete honesty. I can say that I fully plan on coming back to Botched Spot once I achieve my goals.

And in case you’re wondering why I don’t just do Botched Spot as a job, it’s because even with all of the great readers I have, being able to make a living off of a webcomic is incredibly difficult to do, and even if I was able to get to that point, I think I’d always be a little nervous knowing that my next paycheck is based on how interested people are in wrestling. Not all Raw’s can be as good as last Monday’s!

Thanks for still coming back,