So if there is a downside to the WWE Network, this would have to be it. But I can live with a few more plugs for the Network, because as soon as Cole starts flapping his gums about it on Raw, I can just use it to look through all of their old PPVs on my iPad. It really is an incredible deal though, with all twelve of the current pay per views, all of the old pay per views, and their new shows for only $9.99 a month. And they’ve already specified that there would only be limited ads on select programs, which I’m taking to mean their current shows, so no worrying about ECW Heatwave ’98 getting interrupted by Sheamus walking through K-Mart. I mean, I don’t really care about the shows they made just for the Network, but I’d really pay that much just for the video-on-demand library and the current PPVs. Maybe even for just one of those.

Whenever WWE announces a game changing announcement I always take it with a grain of salt, like it’s going to be about a new version of Tout, or a new partnership with Count Chocula. This time (and I don’t think I’m just buying into the hype) it is a game changing announcement though. No more watching old wrestling shows with crappy quality through youtube channels that get deleted within a couple of weeks. Hell, just think of all the new content it will give the writers at Bleacher Report- now the top ten Pay Per Views list actually means something when you can go watch them (y’know, as long as it’s WWE, WCW, or ECW). I’m excited for this. I’m sure that there will be some eventual downsides, like maybe they’ll remove certain things over time, and there will probably be some problems when it first debuts, but right now I think it’s sounding like it’s at least worth the ten bucks a month. Even if it comes with Cole yelling at us about it every five minutes.

And if WWE wants any ideas for shows, check out this comic strip I did a million years ago when the Network was first announced: