Kevin Nash was right about one thing in his promo last Monday night on Raw: he did get a huge pop at the Royal Rumble earlier this year. I find myself wondering what exactly happened to make him go from one of the most popular men in the rumble to getting a 10:30 time slot for a promo where fans can barely wait to chant “what?” at him.

Is it that fans only want him as a special attraction and not a regularly featured superstar? Is he more appreciated as a face than a heel? Is it the start/stop nature of his appearances and storyline so far? He’s been given barely any background, so fans unfamiliar with the attitude era have no idea who he is.

I want to get into the right mood for a Kevin Nash storyline, but every time he shows up on the mic, it just feels… tired, uninspired, like I can find practically the same shoot style promos on youtube that he gave years ago. But I have to admit, whenever he finally has a match against Triple H or CM Punk or whoever, I’ll be watching. Whether he lives up to his own hype or is a complete train wreck, I know I want to see it.